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CACI Synergy Facial – Gemma

We are pleased to be able to collaborate with Cotswold Utopia, CACI Synergy Facial Specialist, to offer our clients the very best in anti-ageing facial care. Gemma exclusively works with Synergy to get the best results ever seen with CACI and you can book to see her at Absolute Beauty or in the comfort of your own home.

Contact Gemma direct for a verbal consultation or to arrange an appointment 07909 902590

CACI Synergy Advance Bespoke Treatment

A treatment tailored to your concerns, after a 10 min consultation;
Light Therapy
Wrinkle Comb
Hydration Mask
Circulation and Drainage

CACI Bespoke

A treatment tailored to your concerns, after a 10 min consultation;
CACI micro-current non surgical face lift, concentrating on any areas of concern. This is a bespoke treatment that can include any of the “extra” options to make up the hour, for more information please do not
hesitate to contact Gemma.

CACI Skin Rejuvenation Facial

A treatment tailored to your concerns, after a 10 min consultation:
Light Therapy
Hydro Mask
Skin Confidence

CACI Extras

CACI extras are great at targeting your areas of concerns and maximising your results. These ‘add-ons’ are recommended to be booked along side of your 60 min or 40min facial treatment:

We recommend for long lasting results to book a course:
5 x 60 minute Microcurrent non-surgical facelift £260
10 x 60 minute Microcurrent non-surgical facelift £495

90 minute courses also available.

Due to its dramatic lifting and toning effect, the CACI micro current treatment has become known as the “Non Surgical Face Lift”. Every treatment we offer is tailored to you.

Here’s a bit more in-depth information…


This new exfoliation technology uses a hand piece with an abrasive tip that rotates at different speeds on an elliptical axis. The hand piece also features the healing action of LED light therapy, which can be used simultaneously with orbital microdermabrasion or with a special massage head to stimulate the connective tissue, which improves circulation and lymph drainage.



The system’s wrinkle comb combines LED photo stimulation with high frequency micro current. The synergy of these two technologies plumps out and softens lines, wrinkles and stretch marks, thereby providing a non invasive, needle free alternative to collagen injections and other dermal fillers.


Originally developed for treating facial palsy, micro current therapy is now widely used as an aesthetic anti-ageing treatment. True micro current uses a current with an intensity of less than one millionth of an amp. This will re-educate the muscles to achieve results.


Hydratone combines active micro current rollers with a Hydro Mask, a unique, electrically conductive silicone gel mask with rose water, seaweed collagen and hyaluronic acid, powerful hydrating properties. The rollers gently massage the face causing the mask to become electrically charged so that the whole face is bathed with rejuvenating energy, lines are smoothed and the face feels firmer.

All in all, this is your alternative to collagen and Botox – so if you want to look 10 years

younger, feel firmer & rejuvenated, then this is the treatment for you.