1 Hour £40.00

Rei – Universal

Ki – Life Force

Reiki Symbols

Reiki is a very ancient form of healing which is believed to have Tibetan origins. There are many formats of Reiki; in the west the most widely used is the Traditional Usui method. It is so called as it was rediscovered by a Japanese man named Dr Miko Usui in the middle of the 19th Century – hence its Japanese name, which is pronounced “ray key”.

Reiki not only rebalances the physical body but also clears the mind, calms the emotions and reawakens our connection with our spirituality. It is a perfect way to combat day-to-day stress.

Reiki involves the channelling of Universal Life Force Energy, the energy that lives within all created matter. Everyone has the potential to feel and use this energy, the training simply allows a persons energy pathways to be opened and attuned to these energy wavelengths.

By learning this simple non-intrusive hand on technique, you will reawaken your ability to tap into the reservoir of unlimited potential, that is the Universal Life Force Energy. The training will show you how to balance and replenish your own energies, as well as assisting others to receive the energy and create balance for themselves.

What happens in a treatment?
You will be asked to lay on the treatment couch, usually wrapped up with warm blankets, with the lights dimmed and candles burning to create a peaceful, relaxed environment.

To start the treatment the therapist will usually place their hands on your face/head, a lot of people will experience a warmth coming from the therapist, others may see colours or pictures or even feel a tingle of energy flowing through their body.

The therapist will slowly work over your chakra points, usually holding each position for a couple of minutes, and continue down the body to your feet.

Often the therapist will check your energies before and after the treatment with a crystal pendulum, this is a good indicator of which energies are blocked or need calming.

Who can benefit?
As chakra energy can be put out of balance by many things including shock, trauma, despair or negative emotion most people will benefit.

As it is a non-invasive treatment it is suitable for almost anyone.