Absolute Beauty use the highest quality professional products for our treatments and pride ourselves in sourcing healthy and natural products where possible.

Jennifer YoungAbsolute Beauty has collaborated with Jennifer Young to create a unique and exclusive skincare brand.

100% natural and organic.
Using Lavender and mandarin essential oils, this anti ageing range is perfect for anyone who wants to know exactly what goes on their skin.
Get great results, naturally.


Nailtiques LogoJust like any part of the body, nails and hands need hydrating, moisturising and protecting from the elements.And because everyone’s nails are completely different they need treating in a very individual way to ensure they are strengthened and their condition improved.
With this range there is something to treat every nail problem, from brittle to soft/flaky.
The formulas all contain a protein that helps the nail to become strong, flexible and healthy.
To complement the formulas there is oil therapy to promote better quality nail growth and softer cuticles, hand conditioner to nourish the hands and non acetone polish remover. 
ORLYOrly’s salon formulation nail polish contains a special resin that allows polish to adhere to nails without chipping or peeling. The high pigment ratio in Orly’s nail polish easily brushes onto the nail and gives complete and thorough coverage with no unsightly streaks.
With around 100 colours to choose from at any one time, you’ll always be able to match one to a particular outfit or just find a colour to shout about! We keep a selection of colours in stock, available to purchase so you’ll always have your favourite colour to hand to keep fingers and toes in tip top condition!

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