Massage Fusions

Here at Absolute Beauty we have devised some wonderfully indulgent treatments for your body. Combining some of our most popular and relaxing therapies.

Body Blitz – A body massage and facial combined into 1 luxurious treatment.

1 hour 30 mins £62.00

  • A necessity in today’s busy world – complete relaxation.
  • A relaxing facial to soothe away the stress of the day, using products selected specifically to cater to your skins’ needs.
  • And a body massage to help further unwind you, leaving your body tingling.

Facial Bliss – An Indian head massage and facial combination.

1 hour 30 mins £62.00

  • An hour and half of joy!
  • The facial that doesn’t just end on your face.
  • Release the muscle tension in the scalp, across the face and neck.

Stress Buster – Reflexology & Facial Combination

1 hour 30 mins £62.00

  • Exactly what the doctor asked for!
  • A gorgeous combination of reflexology and a relaxing facial.
  • Feel like you’ve been pampered head to toe!

Aromaflex – Aromatherapy & Reflexology Combination

1 hour 30 mins £65.00

  • A lovely combination of aromatherapy and reflexology.
  • This treatment will leave you floating home.