Tanya Buxton

Tanya is a qualified tattooist and permanent make up technician.

Tanya specialises in:

Semi Permanent Make Up including:

Hairstroke Brows
3D Brows
Winged and Smokey Eyeliners
Ombre Lips
Lip Liner

A little bit about Tanya:

Tanya has been a professional tattoo artist since 2010, although has been training within the industry since 2007.
Her love of make up has now lead her into the world of beauty and with her extensive tattoo knowledge it seemed a natural step to move into semi permanent make up, which she has been fully qualified in since 2015.
Originally from Lincolnshire, Tanya spent a few years of her career travelling around Australia, New Zealand and the UK before settling herself in Cheltenham, where she now lives with her boyfriend and their dog Ted.
In her spare time Tanya is usually throwing herself into a creative project and enjoys painting, experimenting with make up and sketching.